Meatballs, Mash and Gravy: Dealing with Rejection

You’ve heard the ping. It’s in. And because your phone clearly hates you, you’ve seen the first few words as a preview. “Unfortunately at this time…” Your heart sinks as you fill in the rejection on your submissions spreadsheet. Are you even good enough? Maybe you should give up. Maybe you’re not cut out for this. Maybe that primary school teacher who ripped up your work was right… Stop that right now. Get out some potatoes and get peeling. Remember every writer gets rejected multiple times. Multiple. Stephen King has been rejected. JK Rowling has been rejected. And now you’ve


French Onion Soup with Welsh Rarebit Croutons: Building Suspense in a Story |

French Onion Soup with Welsh Rarebit Croutons: Building Suspense in a Story

French onion soup cooked the right way is like building up suspense in a story. To paraphrase Hitchcock, you can show an explosion in a restaurant and, sure, it’s surprising to the audience, but if you show the bomb under the table while two men have their dinner totally unaware, that’s suspense. Similarly, with onions you can flash fry them so they brown quickly and, yes, the end result tastes like onions. But to truly appreciate the sweet flavours of the onions, you need to slowly ratchet up the tension. You need to see the onions slowly sweat down and


Tomato Sausage and Mushroom Pasta: Crafting a Good Story |

Tomato, Sausage and Mushroom Pasta: Crafting a Great Story

It’s a basic and very frugal meal, but one that people so often get wrong. Pasta sauce should be thick and stick to the pasta, it should never be watery. If you can drink it, you’ve made it too thin! Making a decent pasta sauce is much like crafting a great story. It needs time, care and plenty of attention. If you are impatient and try to write the story before you’ve given it enough time to simmer and reduce down to its best bits, your plot, characters and message will be watery and diluted. The same is true of


Turns out there's high sugar in caramel/chocolate coffees. No shit. |

High Sugar in your Coffee? No Shit.

I've read a lot in the media recently about how shocking it is that there is a lot of sugar in a large, full fat, caramel latte with extra whipped cream, an extra shot, an extra drizzle of caramel and extra caramel syrup. No shit. ...
Roasted Mediterranean vegetable risotto recipe | Emma Peregrine |

Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Risotto Recipe

The word risotto seems to bring even the baddest bitch out in a cold sweat, but you really don't need to panic. The only difficult part of risotto is channelling some patience and not tipping all the stock in at once. Aside from that it's just a case of stirring the thing. To help me pass the time while I'm stood at the stove, I prop my phone up and catch up on my TV programmes. You could read or - god forbid - clean. Personally, cooking is a time when I tune out the world, so a mindless activity